Chilean cooking-class near Lake Maggiore

Learn to cook Chilean dishes in a villa just a stone’s throw from Lake Maggiore. Under the guidance of a Chilean cook, you will prepare empanadas de pino, pastel de papas, alfajores and pisco sour.
Imagine a beautiful villa located near Lake Maggiore, where you can learn to prepare delicious Chilean recipes. Under the guidance of a Chilean cook, you will learn the secrets of preparing these traditional dishes with fresh, quality ingredients. After learning how to cook, you will enjoy your delicious dishes in a beautiful garden, accompanied by pisco sour and a glass of red wine.
Empanadas de pino are a variety of empanadas filled with minced meat, boiled eggs, onions, olives and sultanas.
Chilean pastel de papas is a kind of potato cake typical of Chile.
Alfajores are typical sweets of Latin America, made of two round biscuits made of corn flour or almond flour, joined together by a filling of sweet “dulce de leche” (Manjar) or chocolate, and covered in powdered sugar or/and coconut. They are very popular in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.
Pisco Sour is a traditional cocktail from Chile and Peru, mainly composed of pisco (a brandy distilled from grape must), lime or lemon juice, sugar and egg white. The Chilean Pisco Sour was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Chile in 2003.

Where it will take place

In a private villa with garden near Laveno-Mombello (VA).

Days and times

Everyday, from 11:00am-2:00pm and from 18h00-21h00.

Details of the offer

  • 3-hour course where you learn some secrets of Cilean cuisine
  • Collective preparation of 3 dishes in all its phases.
  • Tasting of the dishes prepared.
  • Private experience.

What it includes

The necessary ingredients, the final tasting, a glass of red wine, and a memo with the recipes that you can take home.
Live accordion accompaniment may be available at times.

Languages spoken

Italian, Spanish, German, English.

Prices for private groups

2 participants: € 88 per person
3 participants: € 79 per person
4 participants: € 69 per person
5 participants: € 60 per person

Children are free. Teenagers from 10 to 14, € 35.


The experience is bookable by prior arrangement. Click on the button below to contact us and book.

Who holds the course

Catalina, who has lived in Chile for 20 years and is passionate about cooking, has been delving into the secrets of some typical dishes for years. Now, with pleasure, she accompanies those who wish to approach Chilean cuisine with grace and passion.