Create your own garment!

We will adapt an ancient Japanese technique of fabric decoration called Shibori. The basis of this system consists in intervening on the fabric in three-dimensional form. You will have fun folding, sewing, knotting, and twisting the fabric before immersing it in the dye bath. You will return home with your own personal creation: whether it be t-shirts, shirts, scarves, or other clothing of your choice. Fabric decoration will be an unforgettable experience that you can repeat at home, thanks to the instructions that will be provided to make any fabric you have chosen to personalize unique and special.

Where it will take place

In a villa near Lake Maggiore (VA).

Days and times

Every day from 10h00 to 13h00.

Details of the offer

  • 3-hour course in which you will learn the basic techniques of “Shibori”.
  • Processing of a garment of your choice.
  • Dyeing with colours of your choice.
  • Private experience.

What it includes

A garment of your choice, the processing material, the dyeing.

Languages spoken

Italian, Spanish, German, English.

Prices for private groups

2 participants: € 75 per person
3 participants: € 68 per person
4 participants: € 63 per person
5 participants: € 58 per person

Children pay € 15. Teenagers from 10 to 14, € 30.


The experience is bookable by prior arrangement. Click on the button below to contact us and book.

Who will held the course

Catalina, daughter of one of the world’s greatest textile artists, Inge Schuenemann (Inge Dusi), who during years worked in the art and fashion industry.