Let's make music together! Workshop for non-musicians

“When the thunder, the electric force, at the beginning of summer erupts sonorously from the earth again and the first thunderstorm refreshes nature, a long tension melts away. Relief and joy arise. Similarly, music possesses the power to melt the tension in the heart, the dark power of feelings’.
16. Fervour – I Kings

Do you want to be a musician for a day? The workshop allows you to approach the experience of making music even if you have never been a musician! Through the use of voice, rhythmic practice, sound production and with the help of instruments, you will be able to immerse yourself in musical creation by experiencing yourself and others, together with others.
We will build one or more musical pieces together that we will record at the end of the workshop and you can take with you.

Where it will take place

A space for music in Cittiglio (VA).

Days and hours

Daily depending on availability.

Offer details

  • Preparatory work on voice and rhythmic sense.
  • Exercises and musical games among participants.
  • Rhythm construction in the group.
  • How a melody is created.
  • Composition of a collective piece.
  • Recording the work done.
  • Private experience.

What to bring

Comfortable clothing.

Languages spoken

Italian, French, Spanish, English.

Prices for private groups

2 participants: € 75 per person
3 participants: € 60 per person
4 participants: € 50 per person
5 participants: € 44 per person


The experience is bookable by prior arrangement. Click on the button below to contact us and book.

Paolo Paliaga

Who you will make music with

Paolo, a Jazz pianist and composer, has released some fifteen CDs under his own name and played at major Jazz festivals throughout Europe with his group Alboran Trio. He recently won the ‘Golden prize’ for the best Jazz record in Japan for 2020.