Nature watercolours for everyone

Walking… Observing… Painting… Creative walks. Immerse yourself in nature, observe its details and fix them in your memory. Nature watercolours for everyone.

The watercolor workshop in nature near Lake Maggiore offers a unique experience for art and nature lovers. Walking along the lake’s trails, participants can observe the beauty of nature and fix the details in their memory. During the workshop, participants learn to paint with watercolor, using nature as inspiration for their works. The creative walks are led by an experienced teacher who teaches techniques and tips for capturing the beauty of nature on paper. The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and create unique naturalistic watercolors.

Where it will take place

In the countryside, near Laveno-Mombello (VA).

Days and times

Daily, duration 3 hours, time to be determined.

Details of the offer

  • 3-hour course.
  • Private experience.
  • Walk to charming places.
  • Learning basic watercolour drawing techniques.
  • All necessary materials will be provided.

Languages spoken

Italian, English.

Prices for private groups

2 participants: € 55 per person
3 participants: € 43 per person
4 participants: € 37 per person
5 participants: € 30 per person

Children pay € 10. Teenagers from 10 to 14, € 20.


The experience is bookable by prior arrangement. Click on the button below to contact us and book.


Who will held the course

Sarah, I am a ceramic artist. In my workshop, “Vera Ceramics,” we carry on the local classical tradition. Over the years I have specialized in teaching and doing workshops combining passion and dedication towards this work. Craft, art, nature bring constant incipit to my work and creativity.